Hej Everybody,

It has been awhile since I last wrote. So much has been going on. School finally ended, I stopped piano lessons until 2011, I went on vacation to Virginia, and now I have to start the final phase in preparing for Denmark.

Since my last post, I have received three host families and a city in Denmark. I love all three of my families. They all seem so amazing and I am super excited to meet them. The first family I am staying with lives in Sdr. Vissing which is a little village of about 500 people. Sdr. Vissing also  seems to have a pizza shop…which may be closing. From what I have seen on Google Maps, it looks very Danish and very cute.

My other two families live in Braedstrup. Judging from Google Maps, it is about 5 miles away from Sdr. Vissing. Braedstrup has almost 9,000 people. It is also a very nice looking town that is about the Danish equivalent to my own town in Massachusetts. I am very very excited to live in Sdr. Vissing and in Braedstrup.

I am going to a school called  Torring Gymnasium. My first family recently told me that the school put me in the E Class, which is the class that studies the most music. Rotary has gone above and beyond in making sure that my piano playing won’t stop while I am in Denmark. Not only will I be playing in school, but my host counselor has a piano and so does my host grandma who is part of my third host family. Initially, I was nervous about the piano subject. I have worked so hard for years to get to my current level of playing and part of me was anxious that this exchange would set me back in my music. I could not imagine not being able to play for a year. Thank goodness the amazinggg Rotary program exists. I love Rotary. 🙂

I still have not received a definite itinerary, which is a little scary considering I am probably leaving this month. I realllllly want to know my flight schedule. My travel agent said that “the itineraries for SWEDEN will be out this week.” which would be extremely exciting…if I were going to Sweden. I am wondering if I should brush up on the Swedish Language?

On the subject of languages, I need to really start attempting to learn Danish. My newest phrase is “tak for mad.” which means “Thanks for dinner.” Now that I am out of school and have a little bit more time, I can study Danish a little more seriously.

As of right now, I am relaxing in my living room listening to my dog snore. I  am truly looking forward to my year in Denmark. I know it will be rough to be away from my family, but I also know this experience will change me.

Thank you for reading this riveting blog post. The two photos below sum up what I have been doing instead of studying Danish because I have my priorities straight. :p

IMG_5741  Yes, I have been dancing with leprechauns……

IMG_5755 and I have also been kissing calves. Be jealousssssss :p

Med Venlig Hilsen,




That means Hi in Danish! I have really been looking at my Danish books recently, yet I haven’t really brought myself to do a full out study session. I am not feeling very motivated. Exchange seems to be so far yet so close at the same time. Life has been going so fast that I know I will leave before I know it, but when I count the months it just seems too far to start seriously studying.

I caught a killer cold last Friday. It turned into a disgusting sinus situation and I was sick until Monday. I am still a little congested but other than that I am feeling SO much better!

Monday was an insane day. I was recovering in bed when the telephone rang. It ended up being Senator Brewer who is my area’s representative in the Massachusetts State Senate. I had written to him about a month ago requesting pins for my Rotary Blazer. He called to inform us that he had the pins…and that he wanted to deliver them to my house because he was in the area!!! So I quickly got dressed and tried not to look too sick before he arrived. He was the nicest guy ever!! The pins he bought are just gorgeous. He sat and talked to my parents and I for at least 30 minutes. It was such a pleasant visit and I was honored to chat with him.

Yesterday, I went to Nicole’s house. She is my best friend. I went there to study A.P. U.S. History with her. We did some work and then decided we needed to go sledding. So we go outside and into her little shed to get a sled. I saw a snowboard and really wanted to try it. So after I go crashing into the woods on the sled, going down the hill on my stomach with Nicole sitting on my legs, almost getting my face ripped off, and falling numerous times to get back up the hill, Nicole straps me into the snowboard. I must say, it was AMAZING! I went down the hill and didn’t fall until the bottom. It kind of like came natural to me. Snowboarding is just so much fun.

The best part of my week was today. Gabby (my other best friend), Nicole, and I went ice skating!!! It took me like 15 minutes to get off the wall and actually try to skate. I ended up skating pretty well. Nicole was amazing and Gabby and I ended up grabbing on to her for support. I fell a few times. The first time was just because I panicked and started flailing around. The second time I dragged Gabby down with me. The third happened when Nicole freaked my out by grabbing my waist and I for some odd reason leaned back and promptly fell down. The last time I fell was probably the worst fall. Not just the worst fall for me, but for everybody in the rink. I literally did this strange flip around and smacked my face into the ice. Gabby and Nicole looked horrified and I was like in total shock laying on the ice. So I have some lovely bruises from that incident.

Despite those falls, I truly love skating. It was just amazinggg. Gabby and Nicole and I are going to try and go on Fridays. I know it is hard to believe, but I was actually pretty decent at skating! It was a miracle.

I am SO sore. I used muscles I had no idea existed. Moving is way too difficult. I am exhausted. It is a good kind of tired though and I don’t mind being sore. Having so much fun with friends and my mom really makes the resulting pain bearable. I am in a great mood and am so grateful for everything. I am off to take an excruciatingly hot shower.


Sleddingdisaster This is what happened after I went flying into the woods.

Snowboarding Soooo much fun!

Hello again,

Today I had a terrible day. So many things happened that were just unbelievable. First,  I thought I had a 98 average in my French class (first time I would have ever received an A in that class) and it turns out I had a 88 average. How did my average go down SO much? Well…my French teacher made a typo. She put a 101 in for a homework grade instead of a 10. Yeah. She totally screwed up my grade. I am over it though. I can’t do anything about it. I already had my breakdown during school.

I also switched into gym for one semester. This means I got assigned a new gym locker complete with a new lock…which means a new combination. Me, being the genius that I am, wrote the combination down on a piece of paper and proceeded to put the piece of paper in my locker. When I tried to open my locker I couldn’t remember the combination and realized that I had locked it inside my locker. So I walked around in my gym clothes looking like an idiot in search of a teacher and missed about 20 minutes of a class. Fun.

My luck continued like that for the rest of the day. February 2 was the most unlucky day I have ever experienced. Things just could not go right for me. Nothing. Except…I got an early birthday present!

Today my parents, feeling terrible because I had been having such a horrible day, decided to let me have my birthday present early. I finally have a laptop! It was supposed to arrive on March 11 and just arrived today. This totally made my day a great day! This is the laptop that I will be bringing to Europe with me. So it’s an important thing.

I am off to bed. I hope tomorrow will work out a little bit better in terms of luck. Goodnight!


Hello! This is my very first post ever on my new blog..so I’ll try to make this as painless as possible.

I should maybe do a brief little description of myself so people will know some basic facts. I am currently 15 years old and I live in a very very small town in Massachusetts. I have been approved to go on a foreign exchange program with Rotary Youth Exchange. Three days ago I was told that I am going to Denmark! I will most likely be leaving in July and returning about ten months later.

Rotary Exchange Students are required to fill out a list of five countries that they would want to go to most. My list really didn’t reflect where I wanted to go to most. I love almost all European countries. I have taken a few years of French so I had to include Belgium and Switzerland. I would have had France on my list, but I was told it was almost near impossible to get in, so I settled for Belgium. The Netherlands was included because I am fascinated with Dutch things. Norway was fourth on my list and then Denmark came last.

I honestly was not expecting to go to Denmark. I put it on my list and then almost completely forgot about it. Now that I have found out I am going there, I have fallen in love with it! Denmark is so pretty (from the pictures on Google Images), the weather seems nice (anything is nicer than New England freezing weather), the people are happy (Denmark is literally the Happiest Place on Earth. Take that Disneyland), and the Rotary is very strong there. These are all just amazing qualities.

The only thing I am just terrified of is something that cannot be avoided. The language. I have been listenting to Danish online and…oh my gosh. Danish almost sounds like gibberish. It sounds nothing at ALL like how it’s written. I am going to buy some language books and begin studying before I leave. I know a few words though. Jeg (I), Dansk (Danish), Danmark (Denmark) and Jeg hedder Emma (how people introduce themselves!).

It seems like such a long time before I leave for Denmark, but I have a feeling that time will fly. I still have SO much to do before my exchange. I have to sort out school credits and other things like that. I have to get a Rotary blazer (almost like a uniform), pins (it’s tradition to exchange pins with other exchange students), finish my sophomore year, and other numerous things that I just cannot remember right now.

Since I am not on exchange yet, this blog will not be updated constantly. Anytime something new and exciting happens I will be sure to inform everybody. So thanks for reading and I’ll write more soon.