Hi Everybody,

It has definitely been awhile since I last wrote, so I will just touch upon things briefly.

-I went skiing in Sweden for a week! Over February break, my host family took me skiing. I fell down at first and was generally a hazard to everybody on the mountain, but I later got the hang of it and ended up lovinggg it!

-I went into Oslo, Norway. It was only for a few hours but I have always wanted to see Oslo. I went to the King’s Palace and saw a little bit of the city. I would love to go back and spend a little more time there though.

-I got my ticket home. I will be coming back on July 1st

-I turned 17!! On the 2nd, my host family woke me up singing and waving the Danish flag. Then we had breakfast and I opened up all my pretty Pandora charm gifts. I loved having a Danish birthday.

-I had  a surprise party! My host family made me go out with a map they made and I had to go find packages of oreos all around my town. When I got back, all the girls in my entire class were there! I was so excited and surprised. It was so amazing to feel so loved by my class and host family. I truly fit in.

-I got really really sick! I had had a cold for a week or so but after it ended, my stuffy nose wasn’t going away. one day, it completely moved into my head and gave me a HORRIBLE sinus infection and fever and terribleness. The doctor said it was the worst he had seen and he gave me a bunch of strong antibiotics right in the office. He said I needed to take them right away. So that was a terrible thing. I am all better now!

-I saw my piano hero, Larry Goldings, in Copenhagen. He got Andrea and I tickets! We felt so grown up because we got all dressed up and had to take a train and a metro and then a taxi. After the concert we went into Copenhagen and relaxed in the city until 2 in the morning before going home.

-Andrea and I perfected the art of: Smoothie Making. I am not exactly sure why, but we were CRAVING smoothies during my entire weekend visit with her. So…we actually made our own. The first one we made was like heaven in a cup. The second one had some sort of radioactive/acid particles in it and we actually couldn’t drink it. Major smoothie fail. But…the 3rd. Oh my. The 3rd was THE BEST smoothie I have EVER tasted. I am so excited to see my fellow smoothie maker again in order to make some more delicious fruity drinks.

-So that is basically what has happened the past couple of months. Now, I will talk about some recent stuff!

Yesterday, I went to a Danish boarding school (they are very common here) to give a speech about American culture to the English students. I don’t get nervous talking in front of people anymore, but I also didn’t want to just talk. I wanted the presentation to be special and memorable. So I went up and was just really open with them and made them laugh and just got down on a personal level. I told them what surprised me about Denmark and what I loved. I told them the things that I had to get used to and the things that I got used to right away. After the initial presentation, they all asked me questions for at least 45 minutes. They were genuinely interested and that meant a lot to me. When all the questions ended, they all came up and talked to me for another 45 minutes. They were super great and I really enjoyed talking at the school.

I have Thursday and Friday off of school this week because Danish students have to write a huge paper and they actually get days off school to write this paper. It makes me so jealous that they can actually not stress out about these papers and get days off and such. American students have to work the papers into their already pretty busy schedule. But I have found the work here to be better quality because most are not rushing to complete it, but they actually want to learn what they are writing about. It is a good system.

I am loving every second of my time here and have realized that July 1st is not so far away. I don’t want to leave, but I want my family. It is such a conflicting set of feelings. I feel like I belong here…and at home. It is like having multiple personalities.

I have to go write something up for my Danish Literature teacher now about metaphors and things…all in Danish. HA. We will see how this goes.

I PROMISE to update more. Especially for my last few months here.