Hey Everybody!!

It has been AGES since I posted here, and I apologize for that. I am going to make a real effort to post more often. Even if they are just tiny posts, I want to really improve my blog posting capabilities.

I have moved in with my second family now! Time has gone SO fast. I remember when my first family picked me up at my counselor’s summerhouse like it was just yesterday. That was about 4 months and 22 days ago. Wow.

My second family lives right in the middle of town, Brædstrup, so it is super convenient for me to travel now since there is a bus station in this town. I really have enjoyed living with this family. I moved in on November 25th and have had such an amazing time so far with them. I have an 18 year old sister named Anne who was an exchange student in Australia, a 15 year old brother named Frederik who wants to be an exchange student to New Zealand, and a 7 year old sister named Frida who totally rocks my socks.

My host mom (Annette) is a secretary for a law firm and my host dad (Ole) owns his own carpentry/handyman business. They are both so so sweet and I feel like I really fit in here.

I miss my first family a lot too. It is really difficult to adapt to a new life, a new family, and then become a PART of that family, only to move away. They were the people who picked me up and took me to my first real home in Denmark. You know how when ducks hatch out of their eggs, they bond to the first thing they see? Well that was me and my first host family. I was the weird duck who was totally clueless to everything.

I already have changed so much within the 4 months I have been here. I remember when taking a bus was a BIG deal and I was SO nervous I was going to get off at the wrong place. Now, I am on trains, busses, and can navigate like a professional.

School ended for me last Friday for Christmas break. I go back for one day on January 3rd and then have another week off (my class is testing and I don’t have to). I have been really enjoying my time off. Danish people are really crazy about Christmas. I mean CRAZY. I really love it. I am for sure going to take some of these traditions home with me.

I have quite a few plans for this vacation. My host family has a few family get-togethers and things like that the celebrate Christmas. It also looks like I will be spending New Year’s Eve with…..ANDREA! I am pumped. We are going to be party animals sitting inside my room while singing to John Lennon.

It snowed A LOT here. Like so much. And it has been freezing. I thought I was going to have a nice mild winter compared to the brutal Massachusetts winters that I am used to…but NO. This winter is definitely like a brutal Massachusetts winter.

Here is a crazyyy story: I went for a walk through the woods. I brought my ipod along and I was fully expecting have a deep think session while strolling alone through the woods like a lunatic. No. SO WRONG. I fell down at least 5 times. And then…as I was walking on something which I thought was a path, I heard a creaking sound through the John Lennon music that was playing. So I stopped walking to try and listen to what that sound was…Next thing I know, I am stomach deep in ice water! It turns out I was walking on a lake and did not know it. So I am now scared of walks.

I am still truly loving Denmark. I want time to slow down a little because it is going just WAY too fast. This is such an amazing country. I have made SO many friends and it will be hard to leave all this. I just keep taking it day by day. I make a point to enjoy everything, because soon it will all be a memory.