Hej Everybody!

I have been in Denmark for 19 days now. Right now I am in school in Danish class. The teacher told me just to go on the internet so I have decided to update my blog!

I really really love it here. The people are SO nice. I LOVE my school. Everything is perfect.

I feel really at home with my host family. They are so nice to me. I get along with them so well.

School is going really well. Today my schedule is: English, Danish, and Music. It’s pretty awesome!! We all bring our laptops and can go on the internet. School here is SO much more relaxed. It is extremely modern and there is artwork everywhere. It is a really pretty building.

School makes me really tired though. All I do is listen to Danish. It can get really tiring. I try to make sense of everything. At the end of the day I just am exhausted.

The language is going well. I understand WAY more then I can speak. I try to learn new words everyday. My host dad and I work on the language a lot together. He is a really good teacher. 🙂

Yesterday I had a Rotary meeting. We went fishing in the FREEZING cold. It had been raining all day and thank God it stopped before we went out fishing. It was so cold. And dinner was nothing but COLD fish. I ended up eating a bunch of bread. I don’t mind fish but there was just WAY too much. I did catch my own fish though. I kind of liked fishing. After the meeting I went home and took a long shower. I go to meetings on Wednesdays.

So the class I was writing this in ended and I had to leave. It is now 24 days since I have been in Denmark. I will write about what has happened later!!!!