Hej Everybody,

It has been awhile since I last wrote. So much has been going on. School finally ended, I stopped piano lessons until 2011, I went on vacation to Virginia, and now I have to start the final phase in preparing for Denmark.

Since my last post, I have received three host families and a city in Denmark. I love all three of my families. They all seem so amazing and I am super excited to meet them. The first family I am staying with lives in Sdr. Vissing which is a little village of about 500 people. Sdr. Vissing also  seems to have a pizza shop…which may be closing. From what I have seen on Google Maps, it looks very Danish and very cute.

My other two families live in Braedstrup. Judging from Google Maps, it is about 5 miles away from Sdr. Vissing. Braedstrup has almost 9,000 people. It is also a very nice looking town that is about the Danish equivalent to my own town in Massachusetts. I am very very excited to live in Sdr. Vissing and in Braedstrup.

I am going to a school called  Torring Gymnasium. My first family recently told me that the school put me in the E Class, which is the class that studies the most music. Rotary has gone above and beyond in making sure that my piano playing won’t stop while I am in Denmark. Not only will I be playing in school, but my host counselor has a piano and so does my host grandma who is part of my third host family. Initially, I was nervous about the piano subject. I have worked so hard for years to get to my current level of playing and part of me was anxious that this exchange would set me back in my music. I could not imagine not being able to play for a year. Thank goodness the amazinggg Rotary program exists. I love Rotary. 🙂

I still have not received a definite itinerary, which is a little scary considering I am probably leaving this month. I realllllly want to know my flight schedule. My travel agent said that “the itineraries for SWEDEN will be out this week.” which would be extremely exciting…if I were going to Sweden. I am wondering if I should brush up on the Swedish Language?

On the subject of languages, I need to really start attempting to learn Danish. My newest phrase is “tak for mad.” which means “Thanks for dinner.” Now that I am out of school and have a little bit more time, I can study Danish a little more seriously.

As of right now, I am relaxing in my living room listening to my dog snore. I  am truly looking forward to my year in Denmark. I know it will be rough to be away from my family, but I also know this experience will change me.

Thank you for reading this riveting blog post. The two photos below sum up what I have been doing instead of studying Danish because I have my priorities straight. :p

IMG_5741  Yes, I have been dancing with leprechauns……

IMG_5755 and I have also been kissing calves. Be jealousssssss :p

Med Venlig Hilsen,