Hello again,

Today I had a terrible day. So many things happened that were just unbelievable. First,  I thought I had a 98 average in my French class (first time I would have ever received an A in that class) and it turns out I had a 88 average. How did my average go down SO much? Well…my French teacher made a typo. She put a 101 in for a homework grade instead of a 10. Yeah. She totally screwed up my grade. I am over it though. I can’t do anything about it. I already had my breakdown during school.

I also switched into gym for one semester. This means I got assigned a new gym locker complete with a new lock…which means a new combination. Me, being the genius that I am, wrote the combination down on a piece of paper and proceeded to put the piece of paper in my locker. When I tried to open my locker I couldn’t remember the combination and realized that I had locked it inside my locker. So I walked around in my gym clothes looking like an idiot in search of a teacher and missed about 20 minutes of a class. Fun.

My luck continued like that for the rest of the day. February 2 was the most unlucky day I have ever experienced. Things just could not go right for me. Nothing. Except…I got an early birthday present!

Today my parents, feeling terrible because I had been having such a horrible day, decided to let me have my birthday present early. I finally have a laptop! It was supposed to arrive on March 11 and just arrived today. This totally made my day a great day! This is the laptop that I will be bringing to Europe with me. So it’s an important thing.

I am off to bed. I hope tomorrow will work out a little bit better in terms of luck. Goodnight!